Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Customize Your Vehicle With Wonderful Mercedes Emblems

Author: Imran ali

Emblems represent the make and model of a car and are a great way to customize your vehicle since there are many varieties of emblems available out there. Mercedes emblems are particularly liked by all Mercedes lovers because of their unique designs and durable materials. AMG logos for Mercedes Benz models can also be found in this category and they look truly amazing. Since these emblems are not very expensive, they are loved by car enthusiasts all over the world. Let’s find out more about these beautiful parts and their features.

Mercedes AMG hood emblem is highly appreciated as it comes with a custom CNC machined billet aluminum AMG insert. Such types of emblems are designed to protect the hood from scratches. You can also check out sticker emblems for the hood which are self-adhesive and very easy to use. The standing star can be replaced by using one of these emblems to improve the appearance of your car. The silver and black color of flat emblems accentuates the beauty of a Mercedes and makes it more attractive. These emblems can be found in the price range of $70 to $150.

Mercedes V12 emblems are also popular all over the world as they are not only beautiful but also very inexpensive. A pair of chrome emblems in this category with ABS self adhesive can be bought for only $45 which is quite reasonable. Similarly, V6 Kompresser emblems are available which can be installed to give your vehicle a completely new look. Logos and badges are even more affordable and can be used for total customization of your Mercedes Benz. AMG crystal emblems are a bit expensive but they are truly magnificent. They are made up of light alloy metal material which resists corrosion.

To make your Mercedes emblems long lasting you should clean them on a regular basis. AMG fender emblems can be bought for converting your vehicle into a stylish machine. These badges are designed with a glossy finish and can be placed anywhere on the car. They are also quite reasonably priced. At online discount stores you can save money on these emblems up to 60% of their original price. Hood star assembly can be bought for only $30 which is affordable for a lot of people out there. This assembly is composed of a pair of genuine AMG emblems. These signs are prepared for the AMG Black Series.

Mercedes emblems also come as SLR signs which stand for Sport, Light, Racing. Other emblems include 6.3 AMG, 2006 Mercedes hood emblem, SLR 722, BlueTec logos, Benz hood emblem, and many others. The BlueTec engine is known for the two nitrogen oxide reducing systems developed by Mercedes. This emblem can be used on diesel cars such as GL and E Class Mercedes models. People who wish to promote this engine because of its ability to reduce pollutant emissions can buy this logo to improve the look of their car. The 722 emblem can also be bought as an interior part which looks stylish and attractive.

Many people consider buying beautiful Mercedes emblems when they want to upgrade their vehicle. There are many styles and types of these signs and logos to choose from. You can select one according to your needs and personal style. They come in a number of colors and materials suitable for almost all Mercedes Benz models. Some people install these stickers to protect the hood, while others use them to enhance the appearance of their car. They can prove to be a great customization option for your beloved Mercedes. Buy these emblems today to express your undying devotion to your favorite vehicle.

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Monday, October 6, 2008


Author: Brenda Williams

Harley-Davidson is a manufacturer of motorcycles based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin that was started with small plans in 1901 by a 21 year old named William S. Harley. In 1903, Harley enlisted help from his friend Arthur Davidson and Davidson's brother Walter to build a motorcycle strong enough to climb the hills of Milwaukee without using pedals. On September 8, 1904 a Harley-Davidson motorcycle made its first public appearance at State Fair Park in Milwaukee when it was entered in a race and driven by Edward Hildebrand.

The largest manufacturing job for Harley-Davidson came during World War I, while the company was still in its infancy. The United States wanted motorcycles involved in the war effort and asked Harley-Davidson to begin mass-producing bikes for the country. The company produced 20,000 motorcycles for the war effort. Before World War I Harley-Davidson manufactured a handful of motorcycles for the military to use in its border skirmishes with Poncho Villa but did not manufacture as many as they did for World War I.

Harley-Davidson was one of only two motorcycle manufacturing companies to survive the Great Depression in the United States and began supplying the government with motorcycles for use in World War II. During the span of the war Harley-Davidson manufactured over 90,000 motorcycles for the allied forces. Almost 30,000 of the 90,000 manufactured were sent to the Soviet Union under the Lend-Lease program.

During the company's history Harley-Davidson endured periods of tarnished reputations because of movies and relations to motorcycle gangs. Harley-Davidson motorcycles were used in Hollywood films that depicted outlaw biker gangs during the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. Harley-Davidson was also associated with the gang the Hells Angels and other motorcycle gangs because their bikes were those gangs' bikes of choice.

The models being manufacture presently by Harley-Davidson are the Sportster, the Dyna, the Softail, the Touring and the Revolution. All of these models have been in production by Harley-Davidson for decades now.

The Harley-Davidson company has four manufacturing plants across the country and they are located in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin; York, Pennsylvania; Tomahawk, Wisconsin and Kansas City, Missouri. The Harley-Davidson museum opened in 2008 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and includes exhibits, an archive, a restaurant and café and a museum store. Tours are offered at all four of the company's manufacturing plants as well as the museum in Milwaukee. The museum opened on July 12, 2008 and is located at Sixth and Canal streets in downtown Milwaukee. It is a three-building, 130,000 square feet operation that includes a variety of bikes on display as well as other memorabilia. The construction and operation of the museum is costing the Harley-Davidson company an estimated $75 million and should attract close to 350,000 visitors annually from around the world.

In 1983 the Harley-Davidson company formed a 'fan club' for the owners of its bikes and they penned it the Harley Owners Group. As an acronym it appears as H.O.G. Hog is also a nickname for motorcycles. In 2006 Harley-Davidson had its NYSE symbol changed from HDI to HOG.

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