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new hair styles
new hair styles for women
new hair styles for womens
new hair styles for womens
new hair styles for womens
new hair styles for womens
new hair styles for womens
New Hair styles, Curly Hairstyles, Best Hairstyles, Long Hairstyles, Updo HairstylesThe soft wavy look is one new addition to the in list that has been growing in popularity this season

Medium Hairstyles 2011

Secret of medium hairstyle 2011, if you have an average length of hair then you must have to choose the correct length according to the face shape and your hair type. Medium hairstyles are also called the shoulders haircuts. There are several options for hairstyles you can create your medium length hair, a ponytail and an elegant bun hairstyle layered bob as well.
Have you looked at trends and unique hairstyles out there today? If yes, then we’re sure you’ve noticed that these reductions were merged into the troubled world and became one of the most popular types. We especially like the hairstyles stirred medium. If you think that stirred hairstyles would look good on you, then you are most probably right, because these styles look good on virtually anyone and becomes a trend in 2011. These hairstyles are to highlight the spirit and personality of the woman who wears them. Want to learn more about the medium hairstyles 2011? If so, continue reading below: 
There is a wide range of styles available for hair stirred as you are able to choose. Some examples include the cut in layers and the basic bob. There are even women who add a touch to the bobsled base and come with their own unique styling stirred. In the old days it was “bizarre” to have this haircut twisted. However today you never know what we will encounter. In the old days, if you met someone who had a rough cut, one would think they messed up and got a bad cut.
When it comes to mastering this style jerky, you’ll need the layers. When you choose this style jerky, you tease your bangs a bit on the side of your face it will be a great asset to the appearance. Along with layers hairstyles the wavy step haircut are also very common. But I wanna say that wear the hairstyle that suits your face shape.

Punk Hairstyles 2011

Punk hairstyles are usually known as pop hairstyles, what are punk rock hairstyles? Mostly in punk hairstyle 2011 the “S” shape is common. Punk hairstyles are usually for younger are liberal and do not like the normal everyday hairstyles that most people have. Then comes to punk hairstyles, there is no normal form, and usually more wild hairstyles are likes.
These punk hairstyles are to help people unleash their wild side, and it is the main part of the evolving scenario of the music industry and fashion. Wild, wacky and weird punk hairstyles have changed over time, with a snip here and there is a slash.
The main elements of punk hairstyles are (Mohawk and variations thereof), color, and spikes. Color and the points can be used for temporary punk look, while reducing Mohawk requires more commitment.
Color: Most punk hair styles incorporate at least the minimum number of unusual hair color or color combination.
Cut: Cut can also determine whether the style is punk or not.
Style: In the end, it’s a common style that truly defines the punk do.
Tips for a punk hairstyle:
1: You must treat hair as soon as you went to a punk hairstyle.
2: If you are unsure of the color that you need to do, you can try a temporary color or hair dye, which will give you an idea of ​​what color is your skin tone.
3: Shed all inhibitions. If the cool punk hairstyles charmed you then do not worry, you will discover new and not think about the reaction.
4: Always make sure you keep quiet punk hairstyle with regular pruning.
5: Work on the Internet to find new punk hairstyles that make rounds.
These are some of the popular punk hairstyles 2011, you can also create your own style with a nice color combination and have to enjoy New Year by wearing new look.

Bob Haircuts 2011

Bob cut is the fashion of decades and has been around for many years, no matter how you style your hair to looks great. There are many lengths and sizes in bob hairstyles 2011 that you can cut and style in a manner that suits your own person. Blunt graduated from the designed-line and bottom is different types from Bob haircut 2011, which are very popular today.
If you are really tired of this pretentious girl nearby, showing off her long hair, then it is time for you to demonstrate the versatility of bob hair. The traditional bob haircuts were short and smooth hair with being reduced to the same length. In addition to reductions as bob has always been between the face and shoulders. Well, mark bob hairstyles new hairstyles have surpassed the old classic Bob. The best features of bob haircuts are they generally cannot match any face shape and become processed in different ways to change the basic cutting.
You can either cut the hair so that the fringe are all alternative measures if you wanna good old Bob, or seek professional help. Cut your hair in a fringe as indicated above. If you do not color your hair clean and kept the color of your own natural hair, you will be able to consider opting for hair color ideas, like adding shows to your hair, which correspond your eye color or complexion.
Well, you can also get your hair cut with a razor to give your basic bob cut and edgy look for a chick, and get your hair out to increase the effect. The style of edgy razor cut and ideas and the volume is an excellent choice as regards Bob hairstyles 2011 layered ends. Select a bob hair cut after hard search that suits on your face shape and can give you a glamorous look.


Celebrity Hairstyles 2011

What are the some popular celebrity hairstyles? Which one you wanna wear in 2011? If you are interested in it then read the page down. When you think about your favorite hairstyle, make certain celebrity come to mind? If you answered “yes”, you’re one of millions of women and men, even to find a way of celebrity hair. Ultimately, what the trends are. While their tips and secrets, or their locks just airbrushed perfect in magazines? After much research, we narrowed the list of some important tips and secrets available, both celebrities and their stylists.
Tips for celebrity hairstyles:
1: To celebrity hairstyle look over the loop, use a curling iron on hair and waving iron on other parts. For a better look straight enough to use a flat iron, but use the fog of air conditioning on dry hair before using heat for eliminates frizz and static.
2: Use products specifically for colored hair, if you have any type of constraints, dark areas or color on your hair. Always use a leave-in conditioner in your hair and use those that contain sunscreen.
3: For frizz free curls and fights against split ends, try sleeping on a satin pillow.
4: If you suffer from dandruff, try using two main measures of aspirin to shampoo once a week. Most dandruff shampoos can wash the color of dyed hair, its does not a big end.
5: Avoid brushing your hair; instead use a wide tooth comb or fingers.
6: Avoid blow dryers if possible, towel dry your hair until all the moisture remove. Then let air dry residue path.
7: Use leave-in conditioner before going to bed, and then wash in the morning.
8: After washing, apply conditioner, then rinse with warm water, then apply cold rinse water from root to tip. This will add shine to your hair.
By using above tips you can add more in your native look.

Cool Hairstyles 2011

2011 brings good news trends regarding to cool hairstyles and color as well. It brings many new ideas about hair color and style; you can choose to get the hottest look of the season. The new season also finds us of the elegance and sweetness of the past. Below are some cool hair trends for 2011.

Short Hair Styles
Short hair is a popular fashion of this season. This bold new design brings a bit of savagery of those who decided to go crazy with layers. The great thing about labels is their versatility.
Enjoy the style behind the ear and go formal. Then you can select the type and wild for a little fun at night.
Playful Styling
long forms are attractive and full of attitude to the texture-treated and a playful sense of style – think about unstructured waves and curls and fringes grown.
Enjoy the previews watch after the first step towards the creation of the real you with a unique hair color that attracts immediate attention. The color is bright, bold and beautiful and boasts of “leniency” with smoothness and luxury must-touch textures. Try some simple techniques in palettes stand-out, color shades vintage concoctions embraces the intricacies futuristic.
Red gives the effect that is eccentric and lively. It takes tea colored shades, Amber Aura and yellow Oka, the effect is very coveted. Attractive and vibrant tones that create an innocent look yet very mysterious are just what you need to be able to stand out in style for the season.
You can also draw celebrities and model’s hairstyles you want, but ask your hair expert if it will suit your face shape, texture and adjust accordingly. After all, it’s all about style and trends individually for your own hair type. Choose shades that match your complexion and you’ll be on yo

short pixie haircuts

Sarah Harding short pixie haircuts
Keira Knightley pixie haircuts
Best Pixie Haircuts for girls in 2011
Hot pixie short hair styles
Short pixie haircuts for women
Natalie Portman cute pixie haircuts
The short blonde pixie haircuts is an easy style for college and would look well on brunettes or redheads as well. Cute, sassy, and cool short pixie haircuts.

emo punk haircuts
Stylish punk hair cuts for punk girls
Funky hair styles for womens
Girls punk hair styles 2011
Emo punk haircuts for girls shor hair cuts
Punk hairstyles for long curly hair
Emo punk medium lenth hairstyles
emo hairstyles for girls with medium length hair
Emo Punk Haircuts
The Emo Hairstyle is considered to be one of the coolest teen hairstyles. The Emo Hair style is comprised of an emotional style that reveals what the person is all about. The Emo hairstyle closely resembles punk hairstyles and other kinds of hairstyles that were common among music artists of the 80s. The Emo Hairstyle has a lot of interpretations.

new haircuts 2011
Miley Cyrus long layered hair styles 2011
Celebrity new haircut 2011
New long haircuts hairstyles 2011
New Trendy haicuts for girls
Short hairstyles trends in 2011
New short bob haircuts 2011
Kim Kardshian new long hairstyles
New season short hair styles 2011
Here is pictures are all of in 2011.celebrities new hairstyles such like as Kim kardshian,Miley cyrus, models latest hair styles in 2011.

wallpaper male punk hairstyles.

punk hairstyles pictures. 2010 Celebrity Punk Hairstyles

  • 2010 Celebrity Punk Hairstyles

  • You seem to be a rational person. You points are compelling and thats why we need to take some legal opinion on it.
    This does not apply. As long as BS+5 years progressive post-baccalaureate experience is ok for EB-2, the priority date recapture is as per law.

    punk hairstyles pictures. Punk Hairstyles – Billie Joe

  • Punk Hairstyles – Billie Joe

  • Allothers saying abt secularism is just BS. I seriously doubt if the secular credentials will ever come from the heart.

    All the muslims are now united. And the ignorant ones are brain washed to become Jihadis.

    Problem is going to be more acute in the next 15-20 yrs. All these so called idiots( Jihadis, my balls), getting killed are leaving behind tonnes of kids. They will become even more fanatic and will go on rampage once they reach their teen age or youth state. How do we stop this cancerous issue is a trillion dollar question. The extent of hatred among these misguided youths have reached such a state, like a mad dog. Only treatment is to wipre them out.
    Unfortunately like cancer, there is no cure to this problem either.

    Countries like Israel, will kill a few muslims, all these false secular credential holding country will raise a hue and cry, and the war will stop. Will they succeed in even stopping the further malignant growth of this evil culture ?

    I honestly think not possible. These homo mullahs, are hiding in the schools thinking its safe to attack the enemy from a UN school compund. And our IV friend, ID" RefugeeNew" is saying Isrel killed innocent kids.

    Wht the f*** these Hamas guys dont openly fight with Israel. A terrorist organisation, by intimidating the people, was able to form a govt. NEither the govt nor the people who elected them as ovt, has no place in this free loving society or world.

    I would like to ask Mr "RefugeeNew", about any comments on talibanisation of Afganistan. Can he explain abt the "Sharia Law".

    You want to hear my views. Or even the world's opinion on this. "You idiot b****rd".

    2011 2010 Celebrity Punk Hairstyles punk hairstyles pictures. This kind of punk hairstyle

  • This kind of punk hairstyle

  • On Dec. 23, the United Nations International Convention for the Protection of All Persons From Forced Disappearance came into force. China has declined to accede to this convention. My experience that same day is just one of many examples of how the authorities continue to falsely imprison Chinese citizens.

    That evening, I was in the Xizhimen area of Beijing chatting with my colleagues Piao Xiang, Xu Zhiyong and Zhang Yongpan. Ms. Piao had been disappeared after she and I went to Dandong on Oct. 7 to argue the court case of Leng Guoquan, a man framed by the police for drug trafficking; she had only been released on Dec. 20. Her abductors had been officers from the state security squad of the Public Security Bureau. I asked her to narrate the entire process of her disappearance in detail.

    Later, I suggested to Mr. Zhang, "Let's go and see Fan Yafeng's mom." The day before, we had contacted fellow human rights lawyer Fan Yafeng and found out that he was under strict house arrest. But he had said that his mother was going to be alone at home in the evening and so I thought we should go see her.

    Because I used to go there frequently I remembered clearly where she lived. As Mr. Zhang and I entered the block of flats and started walking up the staircase, I had a feeling that someone was following us. Observing that we went to the third floor, a young security guard asked us whom we were visiting. We said, "We're seeing a friend." Immediately, he called out for someone else to come up.

    We knocked on the door and were greeted by Mr. Fan's mother. But as we entered the flat, the security guard came with us, and a person in plainclothes stormed in just behind him. The man in plainclothes demanded to check our IDs in a very coarse manner. I asked him in a loud voice, "What sort of people are you? How can you enter a private residence without permission?"

    The plainclothes man said, "I am a police officer. We want to check your ID cards." "You're a police officer? I want to see your police ID." "If I am telling you I'm a police officer, then that's what I am. What are you doing here?" "Is that your business? How can you prove you're a police officer if you don't show your police ID card?"

    The situation was escalating. I ducked my head and used my phone to send out a message on Twitter, and Mr. Zhang made a phone call to a friend. It was then about half past eight. The plainclothes guy made a phone call asking for reinforcement. Later I learned that at that moment our own reinforcements were mobilizing.

    Two police officers showed up. One of them showed us his police ID. I asked Mr. Zhang to note down his police ID number and name, Shi Ligang, and pass it on to our Twitter friends. Then they wanted to check our IDs. I said, "According to Article 15 of the National Identity Card Law you have no right to check them in the present situation."

    He said, "We are conducting an investigation in accordance with the People's Police Law." I said, "You can only question people who are suspected of having broken a law. We've just come to a friend's home for a visit, so you have no right to question us."

    We quarreled for some time, and that state security squad officer in plainclothes kept making phone calls asking for more people to come over. The situation was getting worse, so I sent another Twitter message.

    I talked to Mr. Fan's mother and the older state security squad officer told her not to speak to me. I got angry. "You're not even disclosing your identity, do you think you can enter other people's flat as you please and order the flat-owner about�not to mention that that's illegal, it lacks every human feeling!"

    "You should think more clearly. Don't talk so much about the law with me. Do you know where we are? We are on Communist Party territory!"

    The state security squad officer later tried to beat me. I warned him, "As you haven't shown me any documentation, you don't even have the right to seek a conversation with me. Don't push me." Then he said, "Don't you know what place you are in? This is China! Now you've come here, don't think you can leave again!"

    After about 15 minutes, a large contingent of police officers arrived. I was in the washroom at the time. I could hear the police dragging Mr. Zhang forcefully downstairs. The plainclothes man banged madly at the door of the washroom, cracking a hole into the thin wooden panel of the door. I said, "I just want to use the washroom!" He said, "You're not allowed to," and kept banging against the door. He inserted his hand through the hole he had made, and undid the latch. Several police officers dragged me out. The state security squad officer took away my glasses. I am severely near-sighted, and as a result I was quite unable to see clearly. Later, I wasn't even able to read a police officer's ID number.

    I protested loudly against this treatment. A whole group of police officers pushed, shoved, pulled and dragged me down the stairs and into a police van. Mr. Zhang's glasses and mobile phone had also been taken away. As we were dragged away we were also beaten. My hand had been grabbed so violently that it was injured in a few places. A police officer wanted to take away my mobile phone, I resisted with all my force and he eventually desisted.

    When we arrived at the Shuangyushu police station, I said, "You have no right to take us into a police station. You can't be ignorant of the provision of Article 9 of the Police Law!"

    "Want to tell us what it says?"

    "'In the following four sets of circumstances, the police may take citizens to a public security bureau for questioning: (1) if the person has been accused of having committed a crime, (2) if a person has been discovered at the suspected scene of a crime, (3) if a person is suspected of a crime and if their identity is not clear, (4) if a person carries goods with them that may have been stolen." And if you want to check a person's ID card, you can only do that in the following cases: (1) suspicion of illegal behavior, (2) control of a site, (3) sudden incidents severely endangering the social order, or (4) other situations stipulated in the law - and such a law stipulating other situations must have been passed by the National People's Congress or its Standing Committee." I knew this stuff inside out.

    "But you are a person 'whose identity is unclear.'"

    "But according to the law, persons whose identity is unclear can only be checked if they are 'suspected of having committed a crime.' I don't belong in that category." Since there are more and more activists nowadays who are familiar with these two legal provisions and use them to challenge the police, I've been told by police officers that they hate the very bones of the legislators who created them.

    Mr. Zhang and I were taken to two different rooms on the second floor of the police station. A gang of police officers again came to wrestle my mobile phone from me; and there was another scuffle. All the things inside my pocket were taken out. I protested. Seven or eight police officers loudly insulted me. Two or three were swearing especially viciously, using mafia slang words to curse me.

    A police officer shouted at me to sit; I pushed the chair over with my foot. Several officers rushed forward and twisted my arms, punched my head and choked me, and pushed me to the ground. They took me to another room. In the corridor I cried out, "I am a law teacher, I know whether or not you are violating the law." I said this primarily to make them understand that they were dealing with someone who knew the law, to make them refrain from acting rashly and inflicting too much pain�and it was also meant for the ears of Mr. Zhang and the officers who were interrogating him.

    Several police officers pushed me into a corner and one guy came up and fiercely dragged at my tie until he finally managed to pull it off, and threw it to the floor. The police officers pointed at my nose and coarsely swore at me again, and again they cried, "Do you know where you are? If we beat you, what can you do?"

    After a while, a police officer came in and said that we had been detained because we had gone to Fan Yafeng's home. One officer, who I heard addressed as Xu Ping, went from merely loudly interrogating to roaring accusations at me: "O ho, that's how it is! In that case, you belong to the enemy! F- your mother, you went to see Fan Yafeng! That c-! In that case we don't have to talk about legal constraints at all! And you motherf- won't get out of here again! You traitors, you dogs! Counter-revolutionaries! The Communist Party feeds you and pays you and you still don't acknowledge how good it is! You keep insulting the Party!� We will treat you just like an enemy!"

    I was very curious. "How do you treat your enemies?"

    "Like Falun Gong!"

    "And how do you treat Falun Gong?"

    "You'll find out by and by."

    I felt a pang of horror.

    punk hairstyles pictures. Classy Short Punk Hairstyle

  • Classy Short Punk Hairstyle

  • I had similar calls two times from IO so far...first to ask for documents (which I sent last month) and second on past Saturday to ask if I could come to the office to give new fingerprints (as the old ones have expired).

    It is nice to see USCIS becoming more proactive...all the best!

    punk hairstyles pictures. Punk Hairstyles

  • Punk Hairstyles

  • It's really too early to pass judgements What will happen if he comes?
    It's sheer poilitics .Immigration discussion is a hot importat topic before election.They can't take chances by supporting this,They have to consider their members first.DEMS major leap after 10 years break.It is going to be good for everyone.

    After election is the main chapter.DOL has already agreed they have wasted visas as per OH Law breaking news recently.

    Be positive that 2009 will help us all.This negative statement will misdirect our thought.We have our EAD ,Atleast thanks for the Fiasco,we filed out 485.

    It's only the visa numbers...if not 1 year,it will be on the road by two years.Cheer up...I myself have negative feelings what will happen to my family future here.I just talk to myself,Whether I have to apply for Canadian PR for back up.It sure does kill our minds.
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  • hairstyles short punk hair

  • I totally agree with gc03 and learning01 expressing their views. It is when someone starts using terms like "refrain" etc. I get all worked up. gc03 and learning01 are entitled to their thoughts. What they are not entitled to is to tell each other or anyone else to "do this" OR "do not do that". Are we on agreement on this? I can see some name calling going on in these forums which is rather disappointing.

    Someone very funnily called me an individual from the US Army who has infiltrated IV.

    As for learning01, I know that getting the GC process fixed is of paramount importance here. My only suggestion to learning01 and IV is this.......... If Lou Dobbs can help you you should use his help. You do not know what his thoughts are on legal immigration. If he says that he does not support your cause, you can move on and atleast know where he stands.

    If IV is talking to lawmakers from both parties, why cant we speak to all sides of the media?

    2010 Punk Hairstyles – Billie Joe punk hairstyles pictures. Emo Punk Hairstyle for People with Curly Hair

  • Emo Punk Hairstyle for People with Curly Hair

  • punk hairstyles pictures. Punk Hairstyles from Billie

  • Punk Hairstyles from Billie

  • (1) File for h1b from consulting company - when they think there is an issue
    (2) Allow labor substitution - when they think it is not good
    (3) Allow eb3 to eb2 porting - when they think it is not good

    the list can go on

    Why do you think people who are following law - not liked by USCIS?

    I am not blaming USCIS or not poking at them or your interpretation.

    I personally see that if you are not properly represented either by company or my a good Attorney - you are bound to have issues.

    Right now USCIS is giving everyone a hard time.

    I didn't even think that getting rid of labor substitution was a good thing. Much of the issues related to labor substgitution had to do with IT jobs. Although IT jobs take up a good number of greencards; it impacted other companies/people who weren't doing anything wrong with it. It was a first step in making eb harder.

    I am a pretty good advocate of the staffing companies. Kill staffing companies and h-1b and employment base greencard is finished for people from india. I don't think many people realize the implications of what is going on. Staffing companies are the lifeline for employment base IT and for nurses. Thre would be no more retrogressoin as people wouldn't be able to come here. All the people who are here in so called permanent jobs will also eventually get squeezed (laid off; company mergers; promotions; more rules like tarp, etc., and they will eventually also stop doing greencards except for the most senior of senior people).

    People really need to be careful right now.

    hair This kind of punk hairstyle punk hairstyles pictures. long punk hairstyles,

  • long punk hairstyles,

  • I am writing to enquire whether you have any vacancies on your strategic board for someone of my talents. I realise that it is a little unorthodox to apply �on spec� for such a high-ranking position within your organisation, but I believe I have the necessary skills to further increase the profits and assets of Big Bank Plc. In this letter I will attempt to demonstrate my knowledge of the challenges and opportunities in our marketplace.

    1) Who are our customers?

    I understand that our most lucrative customers are those with the least awareness of financial matters; indeed, the less numerate they are, the better. Rather like the dear old PM, in fact.

    If they don�t know the difference between APR and AER, if they fail to read the small print in their credit contracts - not that it matters, as I�m sure I have the necessary legal skills to make such text impenetrable - and if their limited attention is grabbed by an �introductory� rate, then they are exactly the kind of people we need to target.

    I think that if we closely follow that other highly successful model of commerce - drug dealing - we won�t go far wrong in attracting and retaining the right customer base.

    2) How do we get people to take on more debt?

    I�ve been thinking about this, since we need people to be in debt so that they pay us lots of interest. I believe the best way is to start with an asset class that everybody needs and arrange for its price to increase by far more than the general inflation rate. Then the people who want to buy the new, over-priced assets will have to take on far more debt than would otherwise have been the case.

    Of course, the people who bought the assets prior to the excessive price inflation wouldn�t be in debt, but I think we can get around that by encouraging them to take on larger loans for, say, holidays, new TVs, big cars, that sort of thing (maybe even encouraging them to buy more assets to loan to other people?), all while securing them against the now-increased �value� of their asset. We could describe these loans as �Asset Equity Release� or something; it sounds so much more friendly than �Borrowing a Lot of Money.�

    Ultimately this would mean that everyone is in far greater debt, paying us far more money, for exactly the same asset! Genius, eh?

    Oh. Hang on. That�s already been done with houses, hasn�t it?

    3) Social conscience.

    Every responsible company should have a social conscience, and Big Bank Plc is no different. We need to be in tune with the society in which we operate, sharing the values of our customers.

    Luckily that�s not too difficult; our customers are greedy and so are we! They want lots of money, right now. We want lots of money, but we can wait (that old �deferred gratification� thing).

    So we simply sell them the money to fulfil their greedy dreams, and they sign up for a lifetime of debt slavery to fulfil ours. Everyone�s a winner!

    4) Get-out.

    I have noticed that some of our customers have been attempting to escape from their obligations through IVAs, bankruptcy and so on. This really won�t do. Luckily we have a role model to follow here; America. The banking industry there successfully lobbied Congress to make it almost impossible to escape from credit card debt, even in bankruptcy.

    There�s much work to be done in the UK by comparison, but we�re getting there. Escape from student loan debt is almost impossible and an IVA won�t release people from mortgage debt. There�s still credit card debt, but at least we can now secure that on property (I love that one; we sell an unsecured loan at punitive rates, then secure it! They�d have been better off just getting a secured loan! How stupid are these people?).

    So, there�s just the problem of escape through bankruptcy, but I think we can work on that. Friends in government, nudge nudge, wink wink. Give me time�

    5) Our friends at Westminster.

    Speaking of government, I think our special relationship is going rather well, don�t you? They want a population that feels wealthy even though it isn�t (see number 2 above), that is unlikely to cause trouble (who can afford to go on strike when you have huge debts to service?) and that isn�t educated enough to understand what�s being done to them (have you seen the latest exam results?).

    Those are our goals too; it�s a marriage made in heaven. And if they want to rack up even more debt on the population�s behalf, we�re only too happy to oblige.

    We do need to be more careful at times, though. Our so-called competitor�s �employment� of that ex-Prime Minister so soon after leaving office was rather rubbing people�s faces in it, don�t you think? A few of the less stupid ones might start to put two and two together.

    6) Media

    Can we keep the mainstream and financial media �on-side�, thus keeping the population distracted by pointless celebrity gossip, �reality� TV programmes (oh, the irony), diversionary economic scare stories and back-to-back shows extolling the virtues of never-ending asset inflation (and with it, never ending debt)?

    Of course we can - we own most of them! And the government owns much of the rest. Anyway, people actually seem to want this stuff. Bread and circuses, I suppose.

    7) What happens if we run out of money?

    See number 5. There are plenty of options if we ever run into difficulties - direct government �loans� (rolled over ad infinitum), dropping the base rate below real inflation while raising lending rates, etc. - but they all boil down to one thing: take money from the tax-payer while using inflation to mask the theft. With a bit of luck we can even get the public to demand this action for us, with the help of the media.

    And anyway, we�re not actually lending real money, are we? It�s created from nothing at the point at which the loan is granted. So what do we have to lose?

    I look forward to your reply.

    Yours faithfully,

    punk hairstyles pictures. Chic Long Punk Hair Style

  • Chic Long Punk Hair Style

  • H1B program for sure needs to be reformed, a constructive reform, not the one we see in this bill now. Some of the items in bill would indirectly kill the program than reform it. I'm very concerned, given the current situation; the H1B numbers running out on the opening day itself, this bill might get some consideration and attention. At least if we manage a get a clause that allows people with approved I-140 or labour apply for AOS, even when the EB Visa numbers are not available will help many many members of this group. Atleast you can get an EAD and get out of this H1B mess...

    Every one going through this process have a moral responsibility and have to do their part, Even if not part of the core, we need to atleast email, mail or call Senator/Congressmen office when required and contribute what you can to IV to help the folks who put in their precious time and work more or less full time on time, in spite having their own family and full time work.

    hot Classy Short Punk Hairstyle punk hairstyles pictures. 2011 Punk Hairstyles For Women

  • 2011 Punk Hairstyles For Women

  • -----------------------------------------------------
    From Forum Moderator

    We are forced to caution you that any use of profanity on the public forums, including when quoting others, will result in immediate ban from this forum without any further warning.

    Thank you for your understanding,

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  • we are targeting him because he is saying things which are inaccurate if not ludicrous regarding immigration.

    Is it posible to post these inaccuracies about us. I want to post them here (

    I want to post the general apathy of media towards us. However, all I have is no one reports about us. Any more ideas? Thanks.

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  • It is thus crucial for socially-engaged activists, even if they do not subscribe to religion personally, to enter the terrain of religious discourse and contest and critique the claims of those who speak in its name and deploy it as a tool to promote hatred against what are defined as the religious and national 'other'.

    Efforts to improve relations between India and Pakistan, and Hindus and Muslims in South Asia, can hardly make any headway if this indispensable task continues to be so sorely neglected.

    How Terrorism Still Looms Over Asia ( By Luke Hunt | The Diplomat


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  • Thank you for your message smisachu. I noticed some other senior members red-dotted me! A red dot or two will never dampen my support albeit mainly phone and mail and enthusiasm for IV's and our cause.

    In response, I believe that violence is the ego rearing its head in response to itself.

    These so-called "camps" are collections of tents and basic infrastructure. Bombing them will achieve, at best, a brief lull (if that) until a new camp is set up and staffed by the hundreds and thousands of misguided personnel that comprise these extremist factions from all over the world.

    At worst, a unilateral assault on Pakistan will result in a nuclear war - the ultimate Pandora's box. What better result could the extremists desire?

    Is there not a better way that involves improving the lot of all and in doing so, dimming the lure of extremist ideaologies?

    I am not saying that we musn't defend ourselves. That is our right. I am proposing that we first address the beast within - the one whose ineffectiveness permitted this attack to occur in the first place. Coming up with ways to achieve this could be our primary intent.

    There is plenty of scope to improve our intelligence services, training, and even basic equipment (our cops arrived with .303 rifles that wouldn't fire!) - but the long term fix for any problem will always be one that starts from within and works it way to the without.

    Peace to all.

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  • my only problem is Work contracts.

    How am I supposed to get contracts of all clients.
    My employer doesnt share saying its private and confidential..I worked for a top 5 Indian IT in the way I can get those details..duh :confused:

    You need not provide the contracts. Only they need to know is name of the employer. If you talk about the Contracts they can question you about the premises of the permanent job being offered by GC company. If this contracts were needed they should have asked at the I-140 level. May be when you respond you need to tell them I am not working based upon the contracts and I am an employee of the company.

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  • Mariner555 is right. When I was buying a house, my friend also bought a house at the same time. he bought a big brand new single family and I bought a smaller old townhouse (2004 built). His house did cost hom around 200k more than mine. Now, after 5 months, when I asked him, how is life, he lamented that whole of his income goes towards the mortgage and nothing left for other activities. In my opinion, one shud buy house when he/she can save enough to enjoy other aspects of life after paying the mortgage. I have seen ppl cursing their decision to buy house because of the mortgage. I do not think that its anything to do with housing market.
    And finally believe me, living in your own house is a great feeling so go for it...:)

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