Saturday, July 23, 2011

2011 Pictures of Short Hair styles

Hair style pictures with short hair cut that looks sensational with an oval-shaped face can make a round face look enormous, so make sure the style you select flatters your face. Flip through hair cut galleries and check out short hair styles of women with face shapes similar to yours, to get a good idea of how they'll look on you.
Short Hair styles

Layered Hairstyles 2011

Layered hair styles and cutting hair into different length will create contrasting looks and provide internal texture.Layering can be used to increase body and volume or it can be used to decrease weight.

Bob Hair Styles new Trend

Top 40 bob Hairstyles, style gallery, find 1000s of hairstyles with quick and easy navigation.If you're wondering why the Bob hairstyle is so trendy, it may be due to the fact that there are various styling options for bobs available.all about bob hairstyles and pictures of classic and popular bob hairstyles in 2011.

Short Pixie New Haircuts

A pixie haircut is a short haircut with layers. It is styled to be close to the head. A special feature of the pixie haircut is hair cropped close to the face and sides and back of the head, in layers. You can add your individual style to the pixie haircut with long or short hair where you like. For example, longer hair at the back or on the sides of the head, would look good. The short pixie hairstyles project confidence. It is exceptionally flattering on fine-boned faces, and accentuates the beauty of your eyes. This haircut is known for its versatility and style, and it never goes out of fashion.


It is the best bet for women who are busy or who do not have the time and patience of for sitting in a parlor for hours styling their hair. The short pixie hairstyles are simple and elegant hairstyles which are easy on maintenance, yet give you the desired look. And the good news is, this hairstyle can do wonders on people with various face-shapes , be it oval, round, square or heart shaped. It also suits any type of hair like think, thin, curly or fine.

Very Short Trendy Hair Styles

Very Short Hair Styles,Very Short Hair Styles Pictures - Short Hair - Haircuts - Photos

Very Short Haircuts,Very Short Hairstyles

Very Short Hairstyles Photos, Pictures, and Images.

Very short celebrity hairstyles

Hair Styles For Fine Hair - Short Hair Style

Very Short Haircuts,Female Short Hairstyles
Beautiful Short Haircuts, Short Haircut Styles, Short Hairstyles

Friday, July 22, 2011

New trend Military Haircuts 2011

Military Haircuts Have you seen the military guys and gals in Hollywood movies and felt like you wanted to look like them? Well, you can go someway in that direction if you try duplicating their haircuts. So, here's a little guide on what the military parlance for those haircuts are, with a little bit of description.

New trend Spiky Short Haircuts for Women 2011

Gone are the days, when a woman dreaded the thought of losing her long tresses to get a short haircut. Fashion has evolved and now several women can be seen sporting short haircuts. Long tresses might have been considered as a symbol of a woman's beauty, but now short hairstyles for women are considered to be equally fashionable. Short haircuts for women are no longer boring, there are several funky haircuts that have the ability to make a woman look sexy and desirable.

Fashionistas and hair stylists have endless ideas to make short hair look appealing. Fringes, bangs and use of styling products has made a world of difference. If you are tired of managing long tresses and want a makeover, you can certainly try out the spiky short haircuts for women. These short hairstyles can certainly make you look younger. The fact that several famous celebrities are sporting the spiky look, has made these hairstyles very popular.


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