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Will these bollywood couples get married?

Shahid Kapoor-Bipasha Basu

Will it work?: No

Our take: We wonder how strong this attraction (if any) really is! In all probability, this is a rebound relationship for Bips. As for Shahid, he’s single and ready to mingle after his on-off relationship with Priyanka finally ended. Things look bleak for this couple.
Kunal Khemu-Soha Ali Khan

Will it work?: Yes

Our take: Struggling to find a foothold in the industry, Kunal and Soha have found great support in each other. Also, after her breakup with south star Siddharth, Soha seems much more secure and sorted in the company of Kunal. And we hear that mum Sharmila is supportive. This one could be for keeps.

 Deepika Padukone-Sidhartha Mallya

Will it work?: No

Our take: This one seems more like a friendship of convenience than a serious relationship. Dips and Sid are young and unwilling to commit. They even seem open to considering other eligible partners. This one doesn’t look like it’s going to be an affair to remember.
Genelia D'souza-Riteish Deshmukh

Will it work?: Yes

Our take: These two lovebirds have managed to keep their relationship away from the media glare. Guess that has helped them sustain it over so many years. Their parents, who were earlier not too keen on the match, are now comfortable with it. Even though Riteish recently denied any plans of marriage, we wouldn’t be surprised if wedding bells ring soon! 

 Punit Malhotra-Sonam Kapoor

Will it work?: Maybe

Our take: Director Punit and Sonam became friends first before love came a-calling. Though they haven’t admitted to anything yet, their close pals have confirmed that they are more than just good friends. They have stood by each other in the last couple of years and Punit has constantly been by Sonam’s side through her health problems. It looks like a solid foundation to build a relationship on, doesn’t it? If they manage to handle their respective stardom and success with maturity, they could make this a lasting affair. 

Will it work?: No

Our take: This duo is currently riding the wave of success and shares a great chemistry on and off screen. Ranveer is enjoying loads of female attention (Case in point: Sonakshi Sinha) and has always maintained that he is in no mood for a serious relationship. Though Anushka adores him, we hear she gets put off by his flirtatious and loud behaviour. Wethinks it’s quite a fiery relationship, but one that could fizzle out soon.

Karan Johar unveils Kancha Cheena on Dutt's birthday!

Actor Sanjay Dutt seems to have prepared a return gift for his fans, on his birthday today.
Filmmaker Karan Johar officially released the first look of Kancha Cheena from his forthcoming film Agneepath, on the eve of Sanjay Dutt's birthday.

Though was the first one to reveal the look, almost a month before, the picture released, has Dutt looking extremely vicious and evil.

The actor, who is now shooting at Thailand, had spoken about his career defining role to us sometime back, Dutt said "I play a negative character- Kancha Cheena and the best thing I love about him is the deadly look."

Sanjay had further added by saying, "I am sure it is going to scare a lot of my fans."

Meanwhile, Karan Johar too is ecstatic about Dutt's negative character  getting shaped up so well. He feels that it is indeed going to be a rage.

In fact earlier Dutt's friend Salman Khan, got so impressed after he was shown the first look that he tweeted his desire of being bald.

Here's hoping that Dutt's portrayal doesn't give Indian barbers a tough time!

Sacked, driver attempts to rape television actress

Television actress Ekta Tiwari was saved by her friend and neighbours, who came to her rescue on hearing her cries for help

Television actress Ekta Tiwari, best known for her lead role in Tere Mere Sapne, has filed a complaint of attempted rape against her former driver, accusing him of molesting, assaulting and threatening her in her Bhayander flat on Thursday night.

According to the Navghar police, Tiwari stays alone at her Naya Nagar flat in Bhayandar and had employed Mira Road resident Sajid Sayyed (26) as her driver three months ago.

TV actress Ekta Tiwari has filed a complaint against her former driver Sajid Sayyed for attempted rape

She fired him a fortnight back, following which he started sending her lewd SMSes and began stalking her.

"I required a driver and an acquaintance introduced me to Sayyed. I used to talk to him but never discussed anything personal. However, he must have misunderstood me and thought that I was attracted to him.

Sayyed began falling in love with me and started acting weird. I was not comfortable with his behaviour and fired him 15 days ago. This must have hurt his ego," said Tiwari.

Tiwari had warned Sayyed to back off, but he wanted to have an affair with her. On Thursday, Tiwari was at home when Sayyed came to her building.

He kept a watch the entire day and, noticing that she was alone, began shouting her name. Scared, Tiwari asked Sayyed to go, but he barged into her house instead and tried to rape her.

Rape attempt

"On Thursday, Sayyed barged into my house and grabbed my hand. I warned him to go away but he began kissing me violently. He dragged me to the bedroom and tore my clothes.

I ran to the window and shouted, but he grabbed me and pushed me against the wall. I got hold of my mobile phone and dialled the number of one of my friends but Sayyed snatched the phone, dropped it on the floor and pushed me on the bed," she said.

"He was trying to rape me, but my friend and neighbours came there and saved me. They tried to nab Sayyed but he fled, threatening to kill me and them," said Tiwari.

"We are on the look out for Sayyed. He fled the scene when Tiwari's neighbours heard her cries for help and came to her rescue," said API M Shivadkar from the Navghar police station, where Tiwari filed the complaint yesterday.

SRK plays watchman

The Khan is going all out to guard Arjun Rampal’s look in RA.One. He has asked all concerned to sign non-disclosure agreements

The look and feel of a film, and the need to protect it from leaking into the media is growing out of proportions these days. While Karan Johar took to the trend with a vengeance for his film Agneepath, Ekta Kapoor too followed suit with Dirty Picture. And now, just months away from it’s big release, Shah Rukh Khan is going out of his way to guard Arjun Rampal’s avatar as the bare-bodied villain in his forthcoming dream film RA.One.

According to a source, “Only a couple of people are doing the post production of the film. Everyone including the editors, the poster designers, the still photographers have signed a non-disclosure agreement with SRK so that they don’t talk about Arjun anywhere.”

“They are not being allowed to carry mobile phones during the post production. When Ra.One was being shot, the production team had asked all the crew members to leave their mobile phones out of the sets so that no one could manage to get a grab of Arjun’s look,” added the source.

Arjun Rampal, who had apparently become leaner for the film has a more strong and muscular physique in the film. And unlike his own six-pack avatar in Om Shanti Om, Shah Rukh seems to be extremely guarded about Arjun’s leaner abs.

This however, is also a part of SRK’s elaborate marketing plans for the film so close to his heart. SRK’s own superhero look in the film was released two months back. “SRK is guarding Arjun’s look for a very simple reason.

He wants to generate curiousity around it. Arjun plays the title role of RA.One in the film. Reportedly, SRK will release his look just 15 days before the release date,” said the source.

Arjun Rampal, despite repeated efforts, remained unavailable for comments.

My item song is better than Munni, Sheila: Aamir

Buzz is that Maliaka Arora-Khan, Katrina Kaif and Deepika Padukone were all approached for the track and after getting a thumbs down from the trio, Aamir decided to take the floor. “That’s not true, they were never approached. We’d planned the song sometime ago and it was (wife) Kiran who pushed me into doing it. I agreed to give it a shot because it is a fun song and something I have never done before,” he reasons.

AamirIs he ready for comparisons with Munni, Sheila and Dum Daro Dum? “It will be better than that,” promises Aamir, adding, “It’s nothing like any of these songs. It’s a tribute to the disco era of the 1980s. We’ve recreated the hairstyle, clothes and sets of the magical decade. And I’m saluting the superstars of the time, including Disco Dancer Mithunda, Amitji (Amitabh Bachchan), Rishi Kapoor, Jeetendra and Govinda.”

He adds, “I’ve watched them all my life, they’re a part of me. Even Abhinay (director Abhinay Deo) and Bosco (choreographer Bosco) are familiar with the period.”

Katrina Kaif turns designer

If there was any disappointment in not being able to work with Ranbir Kapoor in Ayan Mukerjee's film, Katrina sure knows how to get over it and how. The actress will not only be sharing screen space with Shah Rukh in Yash Chopra's next, but will start designing her own clothes too!

Yes, Katrina Kaif will soon be seen designing her own clothes for her upcoming films. She's already half-way there having gone clothes and accessories shopping with designer Rocky S for her rock-chick look in Yashraj's Mere Brother Ki Dulhan.

Inspired by the immense response she received for her bohemian rock-star look, the actress approached Yash and Aditya Chopra about designing her own clothes in Yash Chopra's next directorial venture.

Hence, Katrina is all set to become Bollywood's first actress cum fashion designer.

Katrina says, "I was always interested in fabric, clothes and designing. Maybe I would have been a designer by profession, if I didn't start acting. For the rock-chick look in Mere Brother Ki Dulhan, is not the first time I went shopping for my own clothes and accessories.

I dress minimal and unfussy. So deciding my own clothes for my characters is not a big deal."

For Yash Chopra's film, Katrina will dress herself far more elegantly and sensuously, her looks in recent films like Zindagi Milegi Na Dobara and the forthcoming Mere Brother Ki Dulhan. Katrina will dress up in true Yashraj style, meaning very elegant, sophisticated and graceful. The thought of dressing herself in desi clothes has Katrina extremely excited.

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Long Prom Dresses

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Punk Hairstyles for Girls

The teens of today’s generation simply love being trendy and trying out new fashion styles that sets them apart from the rest of the crowd. They are not afraid of experimenting with new hair styles and set a bold example. The latest trend nowadays is punk hairstyles for girls. A perfect hairstyle truly enhances a girl's beauty and confidence. Punk hairstyle is the most popular teens hairstyle. Punk hairstyles originated in 1970's and even today, they are a popular trendy hairstyle. Some assume that this is a new hair style, but this haircut has been sported from 1970 and is still going great guns.

Punk hairstyles are full of fun and at the same time, they are unique, funky and very interesting. Punk hairstyles have been sported as a way of rebellion. And today's girls are not scared of experimenting with new fashion hairstyles. This is the reason why many youngsters and teens boldly embrace these trendy short punk hairstyles for girls. This updo hairstyle is known for its colorful and erratic style and is very flossy. Generally, punk hairstyle is known to be experimenting with many different colors. Girl punk hairstyles suit those who can carry it with style and confidence and will suit on almost any face shapes.

Types of Punk Hairstyles
The best part of this girl punk hairstyle is that it can be worn by everybody. At the same time, with slight changes according to the wish of the wearer, it can give a totally new look. Let us know more about some of the punk hairstyles:

Skate Punk Style: This punk hairstyle is generally a short hairstyle where the hair is trimmed unevenly and the ends of the hair are dyed with different colors. This punk hairstyle is known to give a cute and naughty look. Kelly Osbourne was the one who made this hairstyle famous.

Death or Horror Punk Hairstyle: This hairstyle resembles a Gothic look. Firstly the hair is dyed in either black or black-blue colors and later spiked in Mohawk style or kept in prom punk hairstyle.

Pop Punk Hairstyle: This is one of the girl punk hairstyles that is mostly tried by the girls wanting to keep long hairs. Here, half the hair is dyed, in different light or neon colors. This hairstyle is famous because of celebrity Avril Lavigne.

Original Punk Hairstyle: This is the most adventurous hairstyle tried in 1980's. In this hairstyle, by using gel, the entire hair is spiked in center and dyed in mostly violet or crimson colors. Later, the hair is dyed by vibrant purple or pink colors.

Mohawk: This hairstyle is also known as Mohican hairstyle where both sides of the head are shaved and a strip of hair is left in the center. Usually, the hair at the top is spiked and also dyed with different colors. Mohawk hairstyle is popular among men also. A good example of this famous celebrity haircut is the soccer player David Beckham. One of the popular Mohawk hairstyles for girls is called Chelsea Mohawk that includes bangs in front of the face. The Chelsea-Hawk is the style of Mohawk most often worn by girls. This style is virtually the same as a traditional Mohawk but bangs are left in the front to frame the face.

The other popular Mohawk types are:
Dread Hawk: Here, the dreadlocks are created by styling the hair by pulling it back.
Liberty Spikes: Here the spikes are styled from the center of the head. These trendy hairstyle spikes resemble that of the statue of Liberty.
Reverse Mohawk: Here, the hair is shaved from the center of the head. The strips of hair are left on both sides of the head.
Side Hawk: This punk hairstyle creates a complete different look. Here, the hair at the back portion is shaved and spikes are created from the hair strip from one end of the ear to other.

Faux Hawk: Also called Fohawk, this is certainly the latest version of Mohawk hairstyle. Here, the sides are given shorter cut and the hair is allowed to grow longer in the middle of the head. Women can easily create different hairstyle by tying ponytails. Also, you can try different shapes with the use of gel or wax. This hairstyle is popular among the business class or working class as well as with the teens.
Bihawk: This is also a variation of Mohawk hairstyle. Here, two Mohawks are allowed to grow and are separated by with shaved center lines in between and on the sides.
Trihawk: This hairstyle is similar to Bihawk. Here, three hair strips are allowed to grow and they are separated in between by shaved portions.
Fanned Mohawk: This hairstyle is extremely popular variation where long hair strips in the center of the head are spiked and it looks like a fan. You can vary this hairstyle and opt for a curly fanned Mohawk or braided fanned Mohawk. But this hairstyle is extremely difficult to maintain.

Tips to Maintain Punk Hairstyles:
One must remember before opting for punk rock hairstyles for girls that this hairstyle requires enormous amount of hair care products like gel or wax, hairspray and intense colors. Also, you should take tips on coloring hair from an expert to avoid any damage to the hair. If you get a Mohawk hairstyle done for yourself then you will really need to maintain it regularly. Also, you need to shave the sides of the head regularly to maintain the desired look.
Punk hairstyles for girls truly make a fashion statement for the teenagers. But, do remember to take advice from your professional hairstylist regarding the best punk hairstyle that will create a magical look for you.

indie punk hair style 2011

Indie Punk Hairstyles 2011
Indie Punk Hairstyles 2011
Indie Punk Hairstyles 2011
Indie Punk Hairstyles 2011
Indie Punk Hairstyles 2011Since its creation in the late 70s, punk rock has been notable not only for its loud, fast music but for its unique and outlandish fashion. Spikes, mohawks and vibrant colors differentiate punk styles from more traditional hair styles. Punk rock hair is not only extreme in looks but also simple in construction.


One of the biggest signs of a punk hairstyle is spikes. Liberty spikes are the oldest of punk hair fashions. This hairstyle takes the hair and using glue, hair gel, eggs, or rubber cement, clumps hair into spikes and points them outwards. The spikes are typically arranged into a mohawk, which is a vertical line of hair going down the center from front to back. Another method is to twist hair into dreads and spike them up. This is more common in extreme punk styles.


The mohawk is a punk mainstay that involves a straight line of hair down the center with a clean shave on the sides so that the only hair on the head is the strip that makes the hawk. The mohawk can be grown out, dyed black and teased, which is called a deathhawk. Deathhawks are common amongst goths and death rockers, but punks often sport them. Another style of mohawk, which is less common, features a single strip of hair only on the front of the head and not on the back.


Punk rock hairstyles are noted for their vibrant colors. Reds, greens, blues and pinks are common colors. Contrary to belief, colors of hair do not signify any specific agenda or punk message. Colors are simply for show. While some may prefer to entirely dye all of their hair, many punks with hair dye only use the color to accent certain parts of their head or hair style.

Other Styles

It is common for many punk females to have bobbed hair, resembling the flappers of the 1920s. Many prefer to dye the hair a different color, but not unnatural such as blue or green. Also prominent is having longer bangs that hang down to one side and shorter looking hair on the other. Many punk females prefer blonde or black hair colors. Many punk hairstyles are designed to be unisex.

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Punk Hairstyles 2011


 Punk Hair Styles are not for everyone but are very trendy hair styles. Punk hair styles are usually for the younger crowd who are liberal and do not need the normal everyday hairstyles that most people have.Punk means defying societal conformance; the anti-thesis of fashion.

The real motive behind punk hairstyle is to get rebellious and shocking look.Everyone believed Punk died after the 80’s. Well, punk never died and is precisely here to stay.

Monday, August 15, 2011

trendy hair color
Colored trendy hair styles for girls
Trendy brown wavy hair with curls
Funky Black Color Hairstyles
New brunette hair color for women hairs
Brown hair color for girls
Kim Kardashian blonde hair color
Kim Kardashian new hair color in 2011
Trendy colored hairstyles are one of the few that will get you noticed wherever you go. It is simple and effortless to achieve as well. To be successful in wearing such kind of hairstyle, one must be ready to live with the results. If one is not ready then do not try any colors that are crazy or wild for the personality.


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