Saturday, August 22, 2009

New celebrity fashion statement: Bald is beautiful

Everyone’s lived through at least one bad haircut — a lopsided bob or too-severe shag that made you think, “I’d look better if I shaved my head.” But horrific haircuts don’t seem to be what’s behind one of the edgiest tress trends in ages: the shaved skull.

A handful of fashion-forward female celebs — even BeyoncĂ©'s sister Solange isn't immune — have recently popped up on red carpets with freshly shorn noggins. A few are mowing it all off, while others are shaving the sides or doing a sides-and-back combo, leaving some length on top.

But you knew the trend was really taking shape a couple of weeks ago when Rihanna transitioned her sleek, boyish crop into a punk-rock masterpiece by shaving the back and sides of her delicate cranium.


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