Friday, January 7, 2011

The Face | Tyler House by Richard Pier Petit



Thursday, January 6, 2011

David Beckham Buzz Cut With Side Cuts

David Beckham Buzz Haircut With Side Cuts: David beckham latest bald haircuts with a different look by having a side line completely shaved to create two lines on both sides of the head creating a ultra modern cool short hair style.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Why not short haircuts in 2011?

You know, the short haircuts are very popular, a lot girls went to cute short hairstyles.
Katharine's short hair
As the short haircuts can be cut into many hair types and can compliment many facial shapes  as well. The cute short hairstyle, which can frame the face and will draw more attentions to the features on the face, as well as giving a unique and fresh look to hair that has seen better days when it comes to style.

Sarah Harding short hair
Short haircuts are more and more popular these days and will be even more popular in 2010. Long hair can be more classy and feminine but on the downside it is also harder to maintain and this is just an advantage for short hairstyle. It can give you a chic, elegant and amazing new look. It’s a daring thing to do, giving up your gorgeous long locks, but be brave, and you won’t regret it.
Drew's short bob hairstyle
May it be the fashion divas of the world or the lovely trend setters of the highest social elite group; everyone has their eyes set on those short and cute locks. People want to go for that short and cool hair-do that not only gives them a fashionable and trendy look but also keeps the heat at bay.
short hairstyle in 2010
Well-cut short haircut emphasizes femininity, especially if you get chunky layers and softness cut into the style.

Monday, January 3, 2011

2011 Shag Hairstyle Tips

No Matter your hair is long, medium or short, you can always choose shag haircut! Looks good on the most people, except those with very curly or frizzy hair.

Because the layers are adjusted to suit your face shape, it’s easy to pull off. Thanks to the uneven, broken-up layers, this kind of hairstyle still looks good when it’s grown out, but to keep the look, have it cut every six to eight weeks.
Those who want a sexy, hairstyle. Very fine hair might look too sparse with this kind of look.
You can keep the layers long. Because the hair which is wavy, too many choppy pieces will be prone to frizz. If your hair is naturally wavy the razor should be used sparingly as it could cause frizz.


2011 Sedu hairstyles tips

Sedu hairstyles are hairstyles for women that are very straight thanks to the sedu hair iron. The Sedu hair iron makes it so one no longer has to use harsh straighter to obtain a straight and sleek hairstyle. The Sedu hairstyles see many different styles and lengths with one major thing being of common ground, the hair is straight.

Sedu hairstyles can easily be created through hairstyling tool known as “Sedu Flat Iron”. This straightening process often left the hair burnt and brittle. The effect was even worse if the process was done at home by non-professionals. There have been many times that people have lost great hair lengths because of a botched straightening job.
Sedu hairstyle is one of the shortest hair trend in 2009. Women with short hair can use sedu hair irons to create amazing sedu hairstyles.

teen choice press rm 270807
Even celebrities feel proud to wear these hairstyles. Sedu hairstyle is really staright for which a hair straightening serum is used if your hair is curly or wavy.To get the best sedu hairstyle, the hair must be blow dried evenly. Towel dry the hair and apply a heat protecting serum.


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