Friday, July 22, 2011

New trend Spiky Short Haircuts for Women 2011

Gone are the days, when a woman dreaded the thought of losing her long tresses to get a short haircut. Fashion has evolved and now several women can be seen sporting short haircuts. Long tresses might have been considered as a symbol of a woman's beauty, but now short hairstyles for women are considered to be equally fashionable. Short haircuts for women are no longer boring, there are several funky haircuts that have the ability to make a woman look sexy and desirable.

Fashionistas and hair stylists have endless ideas to make short hair look appealing. Fringes, bangs and use of styling products has made a world of difference. If you are tired of managing long tresses and want a makeover, you can certainly try out the spiky short haircuts for women. These short hairstyles can certainly make you look younger. The fact that several famous celebrities are sporting the spiky look, has made these hairstyles very popular.


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